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Developing Showit websites has connected me to some incredible design studios, and together - we’ve created custom site magic, and collaboratively positioned dozens of businesses for online success that seeps into the IRL. 

East & Eve Creative Co

Move With Meg / Full VIP Service

Femme Collective Studio

Wed & Willow / Mobile VIP Service

Sophie Amelia Designs

Bellissimo Weddings / Template Customization

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Madeline and I clicked instantly. We can talk for hours about life, design, and our cats. East & Eve is always bringing fresh, intentional, and fun designs into our weeks together. Collaborating gets me excited to develop and that pure joy carries through from week to week. Madeline has showed me how understanding the people behind a brand creates experiences that are more than just digital.  - Morgan


East & Eve is about connecting the power of an individual story with the strength of value-based messaging and strategic design. We build brands, online experiences, and creative collateral that are JOY to use because we pay attention to the people who will be using them.


Meet the Designer behind East & Eve Creative Co.

Morgan is an invaluable part of the E&E team. Her services helped me scale my business to 6-figures in one year - and still show up for my clients in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without her help.
- Madeline, East & Eve Creative Co.

“Morgan won MVP of my business every month we worked together!”

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After completing a few incredible website projects together, I got the chance to help East & Eve Creative Co develop a website for a real estate agent on the east coast of Canada who is doing things differently. The goals for this site was to allow the brand’s visual identity to jump off the page - and really drive home the values and intention Meg brings into all of her client interactions. 

Eager to give Meg some time back in her schedule through marketing automation - we set up Honeybook inquiry forms, and multiple Flodesk integrations to collect email addresses and deliver thoughtful resources seamlessly. 

Behind the scenes of building the sweetest real estate website the internet has ever seen…

Sept. '22

East & Eve Creative Co.

Kris and the team of women at Femme Collective inspire me on the daily. The quality of work that Femme creates is like no other and always so grateful to get to work on dream projects together. Working in collaboration with Kris has not only made me a better designer, but has also provided a safe space to grow as a business owner. I treasure the weeks where I can support Femme. - Morgan 


Kris started Femme Collective Studio after escaping her 9-5. She had a vision  to create a safe place for creative entrepreneurs who didn't feel like the quite fit in anywhere else. Now her team of 5 incredible  women hand-craft brands and websites that help turn the dreams of other creative misfits info a reality.


Meet the Designer behind Femme Collective Studio

I have spent years searching for the right fit, someone that knows the back-end of Showit, keeps up to date with system upgrades, and someone with a true design eye - Morgan is all of this and more. She's our perfect fit
- Kris, Femme Collective Studio

“Morgan has quickly become a core Team member at Femme and we don't know what we'd do with out her.”

Wed & Willow is a wedding planning and floral arrangement studio with some serious soul. Femme Collective ditched the light and airy typically seen in the wedding industry and infused Wed & Willow's branding with moody romanticism that pulls you in. 

The organic illustrations and scrapbook feel of this site beautifully capture what your love story could look like when working with Wed & Willow. Creating the mobile version of this site allowed me to flex my creativity with the unique layouts and layered designs. The end result is a mobile site that becomes an extension of the whimsical site and not hinderance.  

A stunning website for the wedding planners who celebrate raw and authentic love stories…


Femme Collective Studio

Working with Sophie Amelia Designs is always refreshing. I walk away from our projects consistently inspired by the ways they Sophie is able to blend strategy and elegance into the perfect design for her clients. Sophie is kind, easy to collaborate with, and cares deeply about the businesses she serves.


Combining two loves - helping people and being creative- Sophie Amelia Designs believes that the creative process is a collaborative one. Sophie is there to listen to the needs of your business and use her decade of experience working with independent creative businesses to deliver modern, distinct designs that represent you and your business in the best possible light.


Meet the Designer behind Sophie Amelia Designs

What she has achieved within a week to help the development and SEO of my Showit website design, has been invaluable and I look forward to working with her again!
- Sophie, Sophie Amelia Design

  "I am so pleased that I found Morgan! Working with her has been so helpful, and she's always been really professional and friendly."

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Bellissimo Weddings needed a site that highlighted the beauty, class, and professionalism of their services that make dream weddings come true. Sophie refreshed their branding and together we used her MILA Showit template as a starting point to showcase all that Bellissimo Wedding's has to offer love birds on on the South Coast of England. 

A special detail included on Bellissimo's site is the photographer site credits. Each image used is credited to the photography partner who captured the moment. Credits were placed in galleries and on static images throughout the site. 

Customization worthy of a multi-award winning wedding planing and venue management company...

Jan. '23

Sophie Amelia Design