Ditch the script, stop re-recording, and create videos that clients will actually want to watch with this one of a kind resource. 

The Training Video One-Liner

A comprehensive system to record and deliver value packed Showit training videos with ease. 

Forget about writing a checklist every time you send training videos to a client. The One-Liner shows you exactly what to talk about and for how long, using your OWN words—no script to stumble through.

The first resource of its kind available to designers, this guide is here to save you time and frustration while ensuring your clients get the personalized VIP experience they deserve.

This guide breaks your videos down into easy-to-digest, topic-focused segments that are simple to record and prepare you to teach clients how to navigate the entire Showit interface with confidence.

Say goodbye to unwatched training videos and endless revision request emails - start making videos that work hard so you don’t have to. 

Guide Key Features

The guide helps you break 12 main topics down into point-by-point recording lines, including interface basics, SEO, & WordPress. So you can record several short, to-the-point trainings, and clients can be an expert on their site in no time. 

12+ main topics covered in 5 min bite-size videos

No fancy editing or special equipment - just the proven framework I use to make comprehensive videos ensuring answers to client questions before they have to ask. + Each part has a suggested recording length to keep you on track.

Easy to follow instructions

Forget writing scripts for every video you make and jotting down notes you hope you remember to mention. This guide will help you deliver professional, concise content that establishes credibility without the "uhhhh's.."

Become confident being “unscripted”. 

Reusable, Flexible, and multi-purpose. 

With 5 ways you can use the guide to your benefit, and loads of tips, tricks and options throughout - the One-Liner offers a unique approach to video creation. Use for off-boarding, template shops, + more!

Bundle Key Feaures

Everything in the Training Video One-Liner Guide PLUS...

How you deliver your trainings is just as important as the trainings themselves! I've built two Showit templates that allow you to set up a template library for custom client projects, or a template shop in a matter of minutes! All you need to do is link your videos and customize your branding and it's ready for action.

Two training video library templates

This timestamp doc is exactly what I send to my training video clients along with their final videos. Use it as a template for your own videos or as a real example to refer to as you record. 

Time stamp document template and example

Quick, clear, and easy to implement instructions and tips

The bundle is neatly packaged up to make everything easy to find and navigate. Inside you will find links to each resource as well as instructions for different ways to use the bundle. Every client and every project is unique but the TVOL bundle has got you covered! 

Notes from
designers like you

And who am I?

Hi, I'm Morgan - Showit Design Partner who has created 100+ hours of video trainings that clients want to watch.

The system inside the Training Video One-Liner is something I searched high and low for at the beginning of my journey. As you can probably guess - I never found it. Like you, I stumbled through every video re-recording, rambling, and forgetting lots of things along the way. But practice makes perfect, and it didn't take long for me to start crafting a system for my recordings. That intentionality, along with feedback from real clients led to better quality videos while spending less time in front of my microphone. Now I'm ready to share my resource so you can wow your clients without the added stress. 


Training Video One-Liner (guide only)


Training Video One-Liner Bundle

  • TVOL Guide
  • Two Showit Library Templates
  • Time Stamp Doc
  • Bundle Instructional Guide

Frequently Asked Question's

This guide was crafted with Showit designers and users in mind. It has been tested over and over again to ensure it's successful when used alongside Showit + Wordpress. The framework may also be applicable to other web platforms, (like Squarespace) but it is not a guarantee.

ABSOLUTELY! The beauty of this guide is that it can be used for both template sites and custom design work. Within the guide you will see tips and suggestions for phrasing or what to include that is specific to templates. The bundle includes a done-for-you Showit template to use a library!

Nope! In fact, I started creating this resource for myself first, as a way to avoid spending even a single second editing my training videos. Of course you can edit if you want to add some extra flair, but the purpose of the guide is to help create a video that is client ready the first time. 

A one-liner is a reference to a type of report used on film sets. Essentially it is an alternative to the script and features a "one-line" description of each scene so that other departments can successfully prep anything that the crew may need! - It's quick, handy, and incredibly efficient.

Save time, flex your knowledge, establish credibility, and offer an on-brand client experience. 

*due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges. All sales are FINAL.

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