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Hi! I'm Morgan

Ready to give you your time back so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start booking more clients!

Your Showit Developer

Does this sound familiar?

You’re living your dream as a designer - creating websites that your clients fall in love with - but let’s be real, you’re not loving every step of the process.

Your creative juices are flowing, and you’re working in your genius zone. You’ve put in the time and tremendous effort to create an incredible wireframe for your superstar of a client.

What's Next?

Well, if you’re a crew of one, “what’s next” might look like spending long hours and late nights illuminated by the glow of your MacBook Pro, eyes squinting from staring at the screen - painstakingly recreating those little details that make the design your client fell in love with actually work. 

What started out as exciting and fun has suddenly become a huge drain on your time, your energy, and your patience. 

I’m your super chill + a little bit quirky, attention-to-detail loving developer here to take the tedious and time consuming off your plate with done-for-you development.

That way you can keep those project timelines moving forward, book more ideal clients and get back to enjoying your work as a booked-out Showit designer - faster than you can say Lights! Camera! Action!

but don't 

sweat it

Wait, wait, wait...

what designers are saying...

"I was overwhelmed with having to create a website twice, once in the design phase and again in the development phase. I had worked with her before as a VA and I knew how detail oriented she was and a quick problem solver!"


"Morgan came into my life (and my business) at a perfect time. I'm a brand new wed designer whose business is rapidly growing, and I was struggling to justify the time and energy it too me to develop my designs in Showit.

Morgan is an incredibly talented developer, and she produced an end product that is literally IDENTICAL to the wireframes she worked from. She was brilliant when it came to suggestions that would improve the functionality of the website, a lovely communicator and her business processes made the entire hand off so darn easy.


"Morgan is great at taking the wireframe and implementing it. I didn't really have to over-explain or worry if anything did/didn't make sense. It was very easy and she was easy to work with!"


After my first call with Morgan I knew I wanted to work with her because I could tell she had an extremely buttoned up process (I was right!). I also loved that she offered training videos to make the transition to show-it as simple as possible for my client.


Really impressed with the quality of your work, and the speed in which you got it all done! 


In the first version of Studio Mooregan, I was a booked-out virtual assistant helping web designers and other creative business owners by providing hands-on back-end support.

Here's what I noticed:

Both my web design and non-designer clients needed the most help with the same thing,
-their websites.

Whether it was the ones they were developing for clients or developing for themselves, I learned that I could be the most supportive if I was able to take ownership of these projects. 

Along the way, I absolutely fell in love with development - and the amount of time, money, and energy I was saving clients gave me SO much joy… So when my business hit the 1-year mark, I went ALL IN and re-launched Studio Mooregan to focus exclusively on Showit Development for Designers.

How I got here...

if you're wondering

Armed with a B.A. in Design from the University of North Texas, my crazy level of attention to detail, and my work ethic from my days as a highly sought-after Virtual Assistant to designers, I bring a one-of-a-kind skill set to the way I support my clients. 

Add in my background in film as a painter and scenic artist bringing the tiniest details of a set to life (oh yes, we’re talking wear marks on wood floors, rust on fence posts kind of details) and you’ve got a unique, detail-oriented, artistic, problem-solver on a mission to develop websites that people fall in love with - websites that continuously push the limits of what web design can be - alongside ShowIt Designers who crave creative freedom while serving their clients.

Designer Brain

Bringing a developer into your process doesn’t have to be complicated

In fact, in my background as a booked-out virtual assistant, I seamlessly stepped in to help creatives get hours of their life back - no extra work, confusion, or frustration required!

I've made this easy for you.

your project

I've made this as easy as possible! The live calendar on my booking page shows you all the weeks I'm available ( and when i'm not ) so we can plan together. Take a peep at the calendar, submit your request, review your proposal, and get back to designing.




I’ll review your form and send you a fully customized proposal within 48 hours.

View the proposal and pay a 25% deposit to officially secure your project with Studio Mooregan!

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