Studio M.

Hey, i'm Morgan

Okay, let's get you up to speed.

I’m a film set painter turned booked-out virtual assistant turned Showit wiz. All that with a BA in design and advertising, too. I understand the principals and execution of good design, using my skills to make your clients kick-ass mobile experiences (no extra wireframe required) and viciously critique Hulu ads. 

I live in New Orleans with my partner, Justin and our three cats - all of them a never-ending source of joy and mischief. I love to cook, and recently discovered I can grow all the herbs I need on my own balcony. 

Oh, and when we finish your next Showit project in record timing with more style and less stress? You’ll find me embarking on a less-guilty-more-pleasure reality TV marathon with a celebratory French 75.

Say goodbye to frantic all-nighters searching for Showit answers and dragged out web projects.

Like what you see, but want to know 

When you work with me, you also get access to the wealth of knowledge my professional background has gifted me. This means a detail-oriented, problem-solver with a designer brain and attuned developer skills. I value good communication, and kindness. The internet can be a lonely place to be, and I genuinely love working so closely with my clients. My goal during a project is to become an invaluable part of your team - saving you time rather than taking it up. I’ve developed an organized and intuitive project management space that will keep us on track, sharing our wins, and ultimately - launching on time, every time. 








My end goal is always going to be producing a fully developed Showit website for your clients that will resonate with theirs. This book is opening my eyes to the power of psychology and how I can develop better digital experiences that are ethical and instinctive, without sacrificing the design. 

The Italian parsley I planted in my herb box has really taken off. I've been using it in all kinds of tasty dishes - everything from pastas, to soups and sauces. Growing herbs is a simple way for me to have fun offline and in the kitchen.

Listening to podcasts while I work is a must. I have a large rotation of favorites, but 'If Books Could Kill' with Michael Hobbs and Peter Shamshiri is my newest obsession.

My office can sometimes get a bit crowded with these three. If I ever send you a slack message that look something like "eeeeeeeehehejjooo['['aef]" just know that was a cat hopping up onto my keyboard for some quality control.

the services

Mobile VIP Week

Custom Training Videos

Full VIP Development Week

This ones for the designers who have the hang of desktop development, but are overwhelmed with the thought of perfecting the mobile version before launch. Book a Mobile VIP Week, and leave the rest up to me. 

Want to tighten up your client experience by showing them how to use the site you’ve lovingly designed - but just don’t have the time? Say no more, I’ve got you (and your client) with custom easy-to-follow, concise Showit Training videos.

An all-in-one service for the designers who want to hand off their entire development to-do list to someone who actually loves the work. Together, we can ensure your client gets a site that’s beautiful and functional - the first time. 

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The Portfolio

I’m proud to be working with some of the most thoughtful and ingenious designers in the game. Check out some of the sites I’ve recently taken from wireframe to launch-ready in just one week.